Micro and Small Business banking as a service

Digital banking technology platform enabling Traditional Financial Institutions to finance micro and small businesses with  AI automated data driven solutions

Our Banko Platform

We developed an AI powered, "drag and drop' configurable digital technology platform to help banks acquire and retain customers, and manage loans and deposits- faster, simpler, and more secure. We digitise and automate processes from application to servicing, and our feature rich white- label products are customisable to any bank's customer journey- all with simple set of APIs.
With our configurable data driven tools banks can launch a new product every few weeks, or a new digital bank in a matter of months- with minimum to no upfront investment.
Our platform is powered by three seamlessly integrated banking technology engines:

Card Management Engine

With our card product suite and simple set of APIs banks can configure any type of card product; virtual and physical, personal or corporate, VISA, Mastercard, Union Pay or Private label. We are constantly innovating with instant card offering into digital wallets including Google Pay and Apple Pay, and many localised wallets with QR Code based solutions

Loan Origination Engine

With our automated digital workflow and decision making system banks can create customer centric processes for any credit product, from simple retail to complex business loan applications. The system also serves as a comprehensive, end-to-end KYC solution that digitally captures customer information and pushes through a workflow of checks and verifications

Customer Service Engine

With our intuitive AI powered chatbot engine banks can accelerate customer acquisition and analyse customer behaviour across multiple digital channels, including but not limited to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat and Telegram
With our Payment Gateway solution banks can offer merchants multiple payment acceptance methods including BNPL

Our Bespoke Services

We are essentially a Third Party Processing Company, operating own PCI DSS certified CyberSecure infrastructure, and offer banks a comprehensive suite of managed services; including customer acquisition , application processing, scoring, KYC, card issuing, payment processing and loan servicing.
In a nutshell, we help banks close more loans and deposits, and lower servicing costs with AI powered automation and machine learning insights driven digitisation of multiple processes across customer journey and product lifecycle.
Our Value Proposition has a four-pronged approach:

Product Development Service

We work together with partner banks to create seamless customer journeys from application to close. Our team of engineers and data scientists work in tandem and utilise AI and machine learning algorithms to identify emerging traits in customer behaviour and our configurable tools allows us to offer multiple customer journey iteration to ensure next generations product evolution

Customer Acquisition Service

We work with our partners to advance customer acquisition and retention strategies in the target segment utilising our AI powered chatbot platform, digital KYC and scoring tools, coupled with predictive analytics and behavioural score algorithms to ensure significant increase of ROI on customer acquisition cost compared to traditional channels

Account Management Service

We manage credit card accounts, merchant accounts, personal loans accounts and business accounts on behalf of our partner banks, while the account ownership is always with the bank. We adhere to best standards of privacy and security and operate  PCI DSS certified infrastructure. Our data driven automated system triggers periodic reviews and re-evaluations, which enables us to maintain bank's customer accounts in full regulatory compliance

Payment Processing Service

We operate a powerful payment gateway and can orchestrate payment processing solutions for merchants including multiple payment methods and configurable BNPL solutions. We use our payment gateway technology in loan servicing and collection scenarios, with our automated chatbot managing repayments
automated reminders and payment link calendar integration, and reduce delinquencies and cost of collection

Our White Label Solutions

Our goal is to ensure continuous business growth and profitability to our partner banks.  With our own PCI-DSS certified data centres with value added Cyber Secure Data Tokenisation, we can enable secure solutions across multiple jurisdictions. We continuously develop products, like mortgages and car loans.
We currently offer our partners five white-label feature rich product APIs, which can be configured, launched and managed from a single dashboard:


Credit Card
We deliver innovative card products, powered with instalment credit functionality, loyalty tools, and many other other features, which increase  conversions through product selection experience, streamlined data collection, instant limit approval
and virtual card issuing


Consumer Loan
We deliver seamless and fast pre-approvals for unsecured and secured personal loans, lines of credit, revolving credit, and overdraft. We create customer journeys for disbursement across multiple digital channels, including instant cards, ATM/POS cordless cash, QR, Apple and Google wallets


SME Loan
We have developed our SME lending expertise as a result of many years in payment processing business and  millions of transactions. We are able to digitally service a small business and offer bespoke lending solutions for bank SME customers with instant approval and dynamic re-servicing


Our flagship offering which allows bank fund merchant sales dynamically and increase customer base with reduced underwriting risk. Our Product is built with multiple data driven processes and behavioural drivers, and is available for both online and offline merchants


Term Deposit
Our Data Driven Application processing system increases application conversion rates and reduces fraud risk with features that support localised Privacy Laws and regulatory policies. With us banks can configure and launch multiple  savings products for different target customer segments


Banko BeeZee
Our cross messenger chatbot driven BeeZee ecosystem with instant card issuing, social shopping and payment processing,  developed with next generation Ai machine learning algorithms, targets Generation Z and Millennials and transforms customer experience with an innovative concept of

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